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SKU: BK001
Sale price185.00 ฿

Forest cutlery is made from sustainably sourced teak wood, these spoons boast a unique and exquisite design. They are not only elegant but also durable. Bring the beauty of nature to your dining table with CHABATREE’s Forest cutlery.

Our variety of designs are for every taste in style and for a perfect grip on every hand…breakfast is surely a more enjoyable time!
Crafted delicately to show unique natural grain - a signature (technique) of CHABATREE


Plantation teak wood


W 1.8 x L 17.0 x H 0.5 cm.


5 g

Care guide:Clean with damp cloth or warm soap water and dry thoroughly. To maintain the natural wood color, apply olive or mineral oil onto the surface then wipe-clean with soft cloth.
*Do not put the wooden part in the dishwasher.